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Facebook Photos Hacked and oh-ned

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Some terribly clever McCann Erickson Israel people wanted to show the world of prospective new talent how good their imagination was, so they came up with what has been described as a “hack” to Facebook Photos.

I only hope they’re not hopinLook - no numbers. Where to begin?g to attract any new talent with a pedantic eye for detail, or anything so silly. Even this hawkish amateur can spot that possibly the second most important aspect of any snakes & ladders board appears to be missing. That’s right. The numbers.

Oh, but hang on. They’re not missing entirely. You see, they have actually included them, it’s just that they failed to understand the medium they were working with and executed the idea in a laissez-faire kind of way so that they don’t actually show up when the punch line is delivered (in the photo album view) . Presumably they wouldn’t want a client to think that’s how they manage their projects either.

The concept appears to be based on a snakes & ladders board, and the “real-world” version (that’s real-world in facebook) of it can be seen here (which they may at some stage update to improve the execution)

If you do got to the real version you’ll be able to see that the individual picture views include the numbers but that the crop in the summary level kind of cuts them out.

Nice idea though. I might nick it and do it properly.

(Tip to the designers – just move the numbers that you photo-shopped into each image up a bit, and to the right a bit)

Written by Richard

March 7, 2011 at 3:57 pm

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